No one understands why this couple can’t get pregnant – then their doctor makes an awkward discovery

Most people dream of having children one day. For some, it comes easy. For others, getting pregnant it’s more complicated.

However, most people are familiar with the work that comes with trying to get pregnant – plus sexual education is something that most schools are teaching early on nowadays.

However, no one is ever 100% prepared to have children. The process can be overwhelming for those who are not aware of the journey ahead.

Like the young duo from our story today, who struggled for four years trying to get pregnant. This married Chinese couple had sex regularly and couldn’t understand why nothing was happening, reports the Daily Mail.

That’s the wrong hole

In the end, they looked for professional help to solve their problem – which was stressing the whole family, including their parents, who were wondering if they’ll ever become grandparents.

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Doctors did all the tests they could, but everything was in order. 

The wife, trying to describe all the details of their sexual routine to the doctor, recalled that sex was often painful. So after a closer examination, the gynecologist discovered that the woman was actually still a virgin.

Then it turned out that the couple, during the past four years, had nothing but anal sex. They simply thought that was the way to go.

“Four years of marriage, and neither the husband nor wife knew how to get pregnant. Couples so lacking in general knowledge are very rare,” said Dr. Liu Hongmei, according to the news site.

They got pregnant

She, consequently, sent the couple home with some much-needed information about sexual intercourse. Thankfully, it was not long before the wife was pregnant with their first child.

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According to the Guiyang Evening Post, these young parents were then so grateful for the doctor’s help that they sent a gift consisting of a hen and 100 fresh eggs.

“Their failure to get pregnant was putting a strain on their everyday lives,” said Liu Hongmei.

It is vital to know how our bodies work sexually for many reasons, but this was one of the craziest things I’ve read in a while.

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