Now you can buy a yummy “chocolate dick” for Valentine’s Day – all vital parts included

Valentine’s Day is finally here. Honestly, it’s been a very controversial day lately in America, however, it’s still a good opportunity to pamper your loved one and show them you care.

Knowing that every restaurant, spa, and hotel will be full today – why not think outside the box this time? You might end up having a better time.

A suggestion, if you want to get kinky, is to use this opportunity to send a chocolate dick to your lover, reports Cosmopolitan.

Behind the only-for-adults idea is a company with the equally not-safe-for-children name DICK AT YOUR DOOR.

The company started back in 2014 when its owner, Adam Hascall, made penis-shaped chocolates with his friend, which they sent to their buddies as a joke.

9″ chocolate dick

This penis-shaped chocolate is available in both white and dark chocolate. It’s 9 inches long, with a 7 inches girth and weighs approximately 4 ounces.

dick at your door picture 1
Image source: Dick at your door

For $19.99, you can send one of these penises to whoever you wish, with a personalized message, from a small rhyme or poem to a small joke, it’s your decision.

Not a sex toy

On the website, however, they point out that, while the dick looks very realistic, it’s only meant to be eaten and not used as a sex toy since it risks breaking.

They also donate ten percent of all the company’s revenue to research for prostate cancer, so besides having a fun time, you help a good cause.

Dick at your door picture 2
Image source: Dick at your door

Would you send this to someone you love?

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