Pam, 60, is dating Jonathan who is 39 years younger – and their intimate habits are causing controversy online

Love is the best feeling a human being can experience. When you get to be with your favorite person every day, it feels like life is much brighter than before.

To have someone who understands you, someone you can talk about anything with. A person that will be there to share the ups and downs. There is not much else to ask for.

But when, how, and who you fall in love with, you don’t get to decide, it just happens. As long as everyone involved is an adult and they don’t break the law, no one can meddle with a relationship they are not part of.

Despite this, Pam Shasteen, 60, and her partner Jonathan Langevin, 21, have to endure plenty of harassment because they were born 39 years apart.

The British newspaper The Sun reported on the story of this unconventional couple. They met on a dating app back in 2018. And fell in love at first sight.

Lied about his age

On his profile, Jonathan wrote that he was 21 years old, but at the time, he was only 19.

“I’d fancied younger guys since I was in my 30s. We got chatting, and I soon discovered we both loved astrology and the outdoors. 

“I stressed that I was too old for him as I had two daughters, aged 32 and 34, and I was a grandmother. But thankfully, Jonathan admitted he’d always wanted to be with an older woman.” Pam told The Sun.

The couple hit it off, as they were both attracted to each other and shared the same interests.

Pam: “There was very little sleeping done that night”

She talks about their first date:

“We ran towards each other and kissed passionately. It was love at first sight. There was very little sleeping done that night. Jonathan may have been decades younger than me, but he wasn’t inexperienced.

“He knew exactly what he was doing. During the next few nights, we were all over each other. Jonathan was amazing. I felt myself falling for him already.”

But it’s not just sunshine and rainbows for this happy couple.

Pam: “My friend of 30 years said I needed therapy”

When they go for a walk outside, they get plenty of “horrible looks” from people who think their age difference is suspicious. Pam’s family had a bit of a hard time accepting the relationship.

“When my daughters arrived, they looked so shocked when they saw Jonathan’s baby-face. But as we watched Jonathan play around the house with my six-year-old granddaughter, they admitted they liked him.

“I was relieved to have their blessing,” Pam said.

Pam’s friends, however, did not take it as well.

“I hoped they’d be happy for me, but instead, they sat in silence and were cold towards Jonathan. A few days later, they told me Jonathan was using me.

“Another said he was young enough to be my grandson and that I needed therapy. I was so hurt. After that, I decided to cut them out of my life, as I didn’t need that negativity,” Pam admitted.

Engaged after three months

In May 2018, three months after the couple met for the first time, Jonathan proposed to Pam.

“I was over the moon. I knew it was fast, but I was turning 60 soon, and I knew life was for living. I’d been waiting all my life to meet my soul mate, and he was right in front of me,” Pam told The Sun.

To celebrate the engagement, Jonathan and Pam went to Jonathan’s parents.

“As I was older than his mum, my stomach was in knots on the way there. But when I arrived, she welcomed me with open arms and laughed about Jonathan finally finding a mature lady.

“They said they knew Jonathan always had a thing for older women, so they weren’t surprised.

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