Women confess: “Here’s what we really think about men”

The difference between women and men has been a topic of discussion since time immemorial. So what separates us, and why?

These issues almost always lead to heated discussions, especially if people of both sexes are involved.

But there are certain things we think of the opposite sex that we would never dare to say outright. However, the media site 9gag has asked a bunch of women to describe the weirdest experiences they had around men. So here are eleven of the most inexplicable things men do—according to women.

1. Where do the testicles go when they sit on a bike?

2. Testicles. They’re just weird. How do you not sit on them accidentally all the time? Why are you constantly adjusting them? How does a mere tap on them incapacitate you?

“Like an excited dog”

3. The whole getting hard thing is weird. Can you feel the blood rushing to your penis? Say my arm, for example, it would feel super weird if I could feel a lot of blood rushing in and out.

weird things about men
Image source: Pexels

4. The dick…bounces. When it’s aroused, it will go erect, but then I’ll suddenly touch his thigh or take off my shirt, and it will bounce up and down like an excited dog, and for some reason, that’s so fascinating to me.

5. Back-stabbing with boners. Why? I just get sick of them poking me in the back when I’m trying to cuddle with a guy.

6. Why do guys always have their hands in their pants? I asked my boyfriend, and he said it was a habit, but I have seen other guys do this before. So weird to me.

7. Their fascination with boobs. And how do guys manage to forget how sensitive they are. They aren’t bongos.

8. Why farting and pooping is so damn funny? Every guy I’ve ever known has joked about “taking a huge dump.”

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“I don’t need hair in my mouth”

9. The absolutely fucking buffoonery they engage in. Let’s punch each other on the arm and see who can tolerate the most pain. WHAT? Hey guys, let’s jump into a cactus. DA FUQ? HOW DO Y’ALL LIVE PAST SIX?!

10. Their savage and inconsiderate lack of manscaping. When they don’t shave and expect the girl to be shaved. I mean, some hair is okay, but when I’m deep-throating you, I don’t need your hair in my mouth as well.

11. The fact that as soon as you put a few of them together, action happens in some form or the other. Girls don’t do this, but I wish we did. Leave five girls together, and we’ll talk—leave five guys, and weird shit happens. It’s very entertaining, though!

weird things about men
Image source: Pixabay

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