Doctor’s important warning for anyone who holds in their poop at times

One of the nicest things in life is to have a good poop.

Many times you feel the rumble in the jungle and have to run to the bathroom with urgency, but the extreme relief and peace you experience once you sit down – and let everything go – is out of this world.

Besides, we must listen to our intestines – all the signals and noises they make have a meaning. Otherwise, it could have dire consequences, reports the site Fatherly.

Some people have the habit of “holding it in” for way too long. Refusing to go number two anywhere but at home – doing it at work or a restaurant is just not an option. However, it may be risky to keep from the bathroom for so long. The consequences can be permanent.

Wait a day to poop

One to three times a day your intestines get contractions. This happens to prepare your body for evacuation. When your stool – which mostly contains water and dead bacteria from digestion – has made its way through the gut, reaching its final destination, your rectum expands. The nerves inside the area then send a signal to the brain, the time has come.

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If you ignore this signal, you may have to wait 12 hours – or even a full day – before getting another chance. During that time, a lot of things are going on with your body.

Most likely, you will continue to eat normally, which can cause a large mass to build up in your intestines. That, in turn, might have dire consequences, according to Fatherly.

If your intestines collect a large amount of waste that can’t get out when it needs to, there is a risk that you may suffer from constipation. Which leads to severe cramps, pain, and gases.

poop signal
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Also, your bowel might be stretched when the fecal matter doesn’t move at the rate the body needs.

May cause permanent damage

When your poop sits at the end of the colon for too long, it absorbs more water and hardens – something that won’t be particularly fun next time you sit down on the toilet. You can suffer from a painful evacuation, to total blockage of the rectum – leaving no choice but to use laxatives to get it done, and it’s still going to be painful.

If this pattern becomes common – and your gut keeps stretching – then you might injure yourself severely and permanently.

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Are you often constipated because you don’t poop when your body needs to? Then the nerves in charge of sending the signal to the brain, during poop-time, might also get damaged according to doctor Sarina Pasricha. This, in turn, can lead to incontinence – meaning losing control over defecation (you leak).

“Holding it is okay once in a while, but should definitely not become a habit or a regular occurrence,” Pasricha told Fatherly.

The consequences don’t sound very fun, do they?

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