Having a short temper is a sign of high intelligence, according to science

Does your family call you grumpy, sassy or negative? Are you know for your short fuse around your friends? Well, according to a new study, you should take it as a compliment. Having a short temper means you are smarter, research shows.

So from now on, no more going around thinking there’s something wrong with your attitude – instead, embrace your true self, welcome your angriness with open arms and see it for what it truly is: an advantage.

A better memory

Yes, the comprehensive study conducted by researchers at the University of New South Wales and Stanford University, concluded that women with a short temper, or easily annoyed, are more intelligent, reports Brightside.

short temper

This conclusion comes from the fact that when women get angry, they not only make better decisions, they also show a more reliable memory, recalling facts and small details with more accuracy.

A short temper is characterized by mental negativity, which makes people more aware of their surroundings. Therefore, when a woman gets upset, she focuses and reasons better about what she sees, thinks and how she acts.

Smarter analysis

Women with a short temper have a constant underlying bad mood in their personalities, which means they can focus faster and act instantly and smartly on issues as soon as they come up.


This is especially evident when they need to make important decisions or come up with solutions to professional, social or business problems. They do an unbiased and fact-based analysis instead of letting emotions get in the way.

So, do you often hear that you are angry, grumpy or have a short temper? Take it as a compliment! Who wouldn’t want to be the smartest person around?

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