New spider species rots human flesh with a single bite – likes hiding in furniture and clothes

One of my biggest fears is spiders. Even the little ones make me scream like a young maiden (I’m a 6′ 4″ man in his 30s).

However, we all have different things that we are afraid of. It can be anything from heights to specific animals or even darkness.

However, no one will be happy about the discovery of a new spider in Mexico – whose bite rots human flesh. It’s favorite hiding spots: clothes and furniture, according to the Daily Mail.

Yes, scientists at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) discovered a new arachnid that will give you a little arachnophobia. The worst part is that a single bite can make human flesh rot and the infection can spread up to 40 centimeters in all directions.

Uncommon spiders

In addition, it’s not scared of people and likes to hide in both furniture and clothing. About its looks, it doesn’t stand out from other spiders, but an attack from this little beast can have dire consequences.

Picture: Shutterstock

Since it is a new discovery, researchers believe that the species is quite uncommon. Moreover, it has only been found in the city of Tlaxcala and surrounding regions.

Professor Alejandro Valdez-Mondragon discovered the new spider species alongside his students Claudia Navarro, Karen Solis, Mayra Cortez, and Alma Juarez, according to the University.

“Important for the ecosystem”

“We provide them with the temperature, humidity, and food to establish themselves in our homes, which puts us at risk of having an accident with them, although they also perform an important ecological function when feeding on insects,” explained Alejandro.

New spider
Image: UNAM

The new spider is part of the genus Loxosceles. Of the 140 species of this genus, 40 are native of Mexico. Making the country the one with the highest diversity of Loxosceles. And an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare.

In other words – if you are scared of little spiders, cross Mexico out of your want-to-visit locations!

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