People who have fun at work are happier, according to science

After working all day, it’s normal to get home completely exhausted.

Usually, you just want to eat something quick, shower, and jump straight into bed.

But a new study shows that the trick to be in good health after a long workday – is laughter, according to the Swedish digital magazine Chef.

Most of us feel that work drains our energy. Especially if your job is stressful, going through 8 hours of intense activity will make you feel like a zombie by the time you get home.

Three things that’ll give you energy at work

However, a study conducted on 26 medical centers showed that not all employees felt exhausted at the end of the day, even though many of the health centers were understaffed.

To find out why some people still had energy left after the long workdays, Lina Ejlertsson, a Ph.D. scholar at Lund University, investigated the difference between the tired workers and the ones with energy left.

The results showed that three particular things help recover energy at work.

Sharing a laugh with colleagues

The three things were: control, variety, and the community.

Variety when it comes to working tasks, breaking patterns at your job helps the pace of work and refills your energy during the day.

Control is important in order not to feel overwhelmed by your job by completing a task before taking on the next one.

The third factor and perhaps the most important is to share a laugh and small talk with colleagues, which reinforces the feeling of belonging. If you don’t know your colleagues then a group night out is a good idea as you can work on creating bonds together through activities and mingling.

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