Researchers: Your coffee might contain traces of crushed cockroaches

Some of us can not start our day without a cup of good ‘ol coffee. A dose of this heavenly black liquid is necessary. Otherwise, things like work, studies, the gym, or even social events are hard to get through.

Now, however, a new hair-raising discovery will make you think twice before brewing another cup.

The truth is that the preground coffee packets you buy at the store probably contain crushed cockroaches and other insects, reports The Mirror.

Most of us don’t have the time or money to grind our own beans. We have to settle with ground coffee, which allows you to quickly brew a cup or two before heading to work in the morning.

Ready to drink some cockroaches?

That’s probably the case for most of us – and I have probably been drinking ground coffee every day for the last 20 years. However, some people develop an allergy to this kind of pre-ground coffee. Unlucky, right?

Well, the reason will send a chill down your spine.


If you drink from already ground beans – that is, the most common kind of coffee – there is a good chance you have ingested ground cockroaches and other insects as well, according to The Mirror.

Douglas Emlen, a biology professor at the University of Montana, discovered this after a research report on dung beetles from 2009, claims


He told how, during his studies, he traveled around the country with his supervisor, a person fiercely addicted to coffee. And they had to take long detours to get freshly-ground beans coffee.

“He finally explained to me he had to drink only whole bean fresh ground coffee — and it was because of cockroaches,” Emlen said in the interview.

professor Douglas Emlen
University of Montana

After years of teaching entomology and handling cockroaches, his supervisor developed a severe allergy, to the point where he couldn’t even touch them anymore without getting an allergic reaction.

Hard to filter out the insects

He also noticed the same symptoms while drinking pre-ground coffee.


“It turned out when he looked into it that pre-ground, you know, your big bulk coffee that you buy in a tin, is all processed from these huge stockpiles of coffee. These piles of coffee get infested with cockroaches, and there’s really nothing they can do to filter that out. So, it all gets ground up in the coffee.”

According to Emlen, US Food and Drug Administration defect standards allow coffee beans to contain up to 10 percent “insect filth and insects.”

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