Science confirms: Men with beer bellies are better in bed

I believe that all people should take pride in their bodies. Slim, thicc, tall, petite, large or cute – we are beautiful in our own way. Moreover, being different it’s what makes the world so exciting and colorful.

A topic that often comes up on friendly conversations is the size. Does size matter or not?

The discussion is usually focused on the thing men have between the legs – and whether the penis length and thickness is important for a good sex life has been endlessly debated over history.

However, researchers have – excitingly – discovered that it’s another body part that plays a bigger role in the performance under the sheets.

It may sound like a joke, but there is a new study that has found that the size of your stomach can decide whether you are good in bed or not. Of course, there are always exceptions, but the fact that a good beer belly would be an advantage in bed over a sixpack, most people would not believe.

Lasts 5 minutes longer

Researchers at Erciye University in Kayseri, Turkey, have done an extensive study on the subject. Principally the correlation between BMI – body mass index – and sexual performance.

bigger bellies better in bed
Image: Twitter / @ agnesbirta97

The result was something of a shock. It turned out that men with bigger bellies lasted a full five minutes longer in bed than those with narrower and leaner bodies.

Exactly five minutes may not sound like much, but it’s actually a pretty big difference. The study examined 200 men – and found that those with a higher BMI lasted around seven minutes before ejaculation.

Image: Pixabay

Thinner men, on the other hand, only lasted for about two minutes – and were thus more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation. Being able to have sex for a long time is a vital part of being good in bed.

Consume in moderation

One reason men with larger stomachs have better sexual endurance is that researchers largely believe that more belly fat means that you have more of a hormone called estradiol. Which is more common in women, and helps to delay orgasms.

Image: Pixabay

So eat that extra portion, drink that second cold beer under the sun – and be proud of your belly all my chubby friends out there!

Of course, always consume in moderation. Being overweight still not good for your health – but most people already know that.

This study is wonderful since, usually, the ideal image of the perfect man is a subject full of muscles with a stomach of steel. Who knows – maybe we’re finally heading in a different direction?

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