Scientists discover popcorn is healthier than some fruit and vegetables

Do you feel a wave of regret after you finish an entire bag of popcorn on your own? Well, time to stop that – thankfully, a recent study shows that the popular movie snack is as healthy as some fruits and vegetables, writes CBS News.

However, it’s essential not to put too much salt and butter if you want your popcorn to remain healthy!

Many of us probably get a little embarrassed when we gorge through an entire bag of popcorn at the movies. However, maybe we don’t have to – scientists have discovered that the delicious snack can, in some cases, replace fruits and vegetables.

Popcorn contains useful antioxidants

Everything started at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where researchers found their way to a delightful discovery – at least for popcorn enthusiasts.

They carefully studied the popular cinema snack and concluded that it contains lots of useful substances, reports ACS.

popcorn 1

A serving of popcorn can contribute to as much as 70% of a day’s recommended whole grain intake, wrote Allas magazine. 

The corn grains are full of healthy antioxidants. Polyphenol, among other things, helps to lower the body’s cholesterol levels – and researchers have previously connected the substance to cancer prevention.

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However, when polyphenol mixes with water, most of the antioxidant’s properties disappear – and since popcorn contains only 4 percent water, it is, therefore, one of the best sources of this super ingredient, the researchers explained.

Most of it is in the Kernel

Many fruits and vegetables also carry these useful antioxidants – but also plenty of water. Unfortunately, this leads to them being less beneficial after the micronutrients are “diluted” to such a degree.

Unfortunately, the most valuable part of popcorn is in the kernel. You know, the part that likes to get stuck between your teeth. It is mainly in there where we’ll find the highest concentration of fibers and antioxidants, reports CBS.

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If you want to take advantage of the positive effects of the popcorn, don’t use too much butter or salt. Ideally, eat it as naturally as possible after making it yourself on the stove. Microwaved-popcorn contains a lot of harmful additives.

Isn’t this excellent news? At least I think so!

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