The second child is the family monster, according to science

The composition of a family varies greatly from one to the other.

Usually one of the parents is the responsible one, while the other is the more emotionally dependable, maybe one of the kids is the kind one – and, of course, there is always the family prankster!

The mischievous one in the family always requires a lot of attention. As soon as the parents lose track of them, everyone suffers the consequences.

Of course, you never know how your kid’s personality will turn out. But if you have multiple children, it is not uncommon for one of them to be a little more demanding, often testing your patience.

The second child is wilder

Now, a new study shows that statistically, it is usually the second child who becomes the family’s little “monster.”

The study was conducted at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The results showed that second-born children are more prone to testing their families’ limits.


Stronger ties to the parents

The researchers concluded that first-born children often have a stronger bond with their parents.

Partly because being the first child is seen as a whole new experience, as in a change of lifestyle, while the siblings born after don’t change the parent’s lives that much more.

Also, the first child has much more time to spend with the parents alone.

The second-born child, therefore, feels the need to make up for that extra attention, and relies on mischiefs to get it.

second child
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Of course, you should always take these types of studies with a grain of salt, but it certainly makes a lot of sense!

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