This is how big an average penis is, according to a new study

Does size matter? This is a question most men have asked themselves at one point or the other.

Of course, it is essential to know if the size of your tool will be enough to get the job done. Whether your size is enough depends on many things: your partner’s needs, your skills, your experience, etc.

But, no matter where you stand on size, an equally controversial question is: how big is actually big?

A new study has estimated how big an average erect penis is, breaking a well-established myth: Does having big feet mean your penis is also quite big? Last summer, a new study finally put this popular rumor to rest.

How big is the average penis?

Bruce M. King, an American psychology researcher, has based his research on 31 recent studies on penis sizes, reaching a factual average approximate of a hard penis.

The result? 5.36 inches, according to the combination of the studies’ results. In addition, King discovered that ten of the previous studies properly measured erect penises. However, the other 21 measured flaccid penises stretched as far as possible.

According to King, most erect penises oscillate between 5.1 and 5.5 inches. However, he notes those numbers because most men are probably closer to the lower number.

Why? First, men with large penises are more willing to participate in this type of study. Second, men often exaggerate their measurement results.

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Does shoe size matter?

A pretty popular myth is that big feet also mean you are packing “heat” between your legs.

But this is undoubtedly just that, a myth. According to the study, it was impossible to find any correlation between foot size and penis length. However, there are some other connections.

The study found that an enormous index finger often indicates that you have a large penis.

Even your height comes into play; the taller the person, the larger the penis.

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Incorrect measurement methods

Previously, there has been a common perception that the average penis was about 6 inches long during erection. However, that figure comes from older studies that used incorrect measurement methods.

According to King, this figure, 6 inches, has led many men to walk around society with low self-confidence regarding their penis, even though it has been unjustified.

Those men who have listened to their friends’ gossip can take comfort in the fact that they are probably exaggerating. Actually, less than twelve percent of men have an erect penis that measures longer than 6.2 inches.

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Nice to finally get an answer to the eternal question, right?

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