Science confirms: Binge drinking makes you more attractive

Men who binge drink may not be something you would call attractive, but rather the opposite. However, according to a new study, men that go out intending to get drunk are sexier, reports British site Metro.

It’s hard to believe that overly intoxicated men have an easier time with women. No woman would pay attention to a loud and obnoxious guy that can’t even walk straight. Right? Wrong. According to a new study claiming that’s exactly what happens.

Perceived as strong and brave

According to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology, the results show that women perceive heavy-drinking men as strong and brave.

“Binge drinking among young men serves as a ‘costly signal’ to potential mates, such that the binge drinker is capable of bearing the harmful consequences of alcohol consumption,” the researchers write in the study.

Binge drinking
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Biologically attractive to women

This courageous and wild act that makes men more attractive to women can be explained from a psychological process called signal theory. This process is based on the fact that women, due to their biological composition, often choose a partner based on who displays the highest level of strength and courage. These characteristics were important back when we had to hunt for our own food while competing with other predators.

While unnecessary today, biology still influences women’s taste in men.

But remember, drinking a lot does not guarantee you hooking up, you also have to be a nice and likableperson. 

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