Your partner’s snoring is bad for your health, according to study

Anyone who has to sleep next to someone snoring at night knows what an awful feeling that is.

Just as you are finally dozing off into sleep on your pillow, a sound that can only be described as a giant balloon deflating wakes you up, and it never stops. Making it impossible to fall asleep properly during the rest of the night.

But in addition to being annoying, a snoring partner can be dangerous to your health, according to new research.

The site Ladbible made a report on a new study, published in December last year, which shows that it can even be harmful to sleep next to someone who snores loudly all night long.

40% of men were snoring

According to statistics, 40% of adult men snore at night, while in contrast, only 24% of adult women do. These numbers mean women’s health is more at risk.

Experts at the Sleep Research Society in Darien, Illinois, have done a study on people snoring and the consequences it has on those forced to sleep next to them.

In the study, published here, the researchers found that a snoring partner disturbs sleep so much that it poses a health risk.

The research showed that 14% of the participants snore at a sound level exceeding 53 decibels.

โ€œNoise pollution in excess of 53 dB(A) [decibels] has been associated with adverse cardiovascular events in exposed populations, the study explained.


Constant exposure to snoring while you are trying to sleep can put a lot of stress on your heart. Leading to a variety of cardiovascular-related issues.

The kidneys, the brain, and your eyes could be negatively affected by this.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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