Idiot drives in the wrong lane – but this cyclist’s comeback has been praised around the web

Cars, one of humanity’s most influential inventions. We have shaped the planet with motor vehicles in mind. When you leave your house, the first thing you see is the street, a maze of roads and highways, designed so you can do anything from the comfort of your car, even your banking.

Between technology and efficiency, there is a concern about where our health situation will go if we can complete all our tasks during the day without even standing up. That, together with expenses and even concern for the environment, is what motivates some of us to bike to work instead. Saving fuel, emissions and getting a good exercise? Sounds like an easy decision, right?

Well, there is an argument to be made for both sides. However, cyclists and drivers must share the roads and streets, since they have just as much right to use them. 

With that said, bikes have more leeway on the eye of the law. The reason? They don’t have a giant steel frame protecting them, pretty simple. When a cyclist takes risks, it usually ends on them getting injured. But if a driver takes risks, then many people can die.

And as simple and easy to understand as that is, drivers still for some reason think it’s okay to drive on the wrong side of the road or even on the bike lane as they please, such entitlement from some idiot drivers, convinced that cyclists are on the road just to slow them down. Such was the case for CyclistMikey, reports The Sun.

Can’t drive on this lane

Our story today is about one such an event, Cycling Mikey, a vigilante bike rider, has made a Youtube channel where he looks after the safety of other cyclists on the road. And one of his most successful videos shows his confrontation with a Mercedes Benz owner, who tries to skip traffic by driving on the bike lane.

In the video we see Mikey, waiting at a corner of a street he knows people tend to cut traffic by driving on the bike lane (putting lives at risk to get to work 5 minutes earlier). It doesn’t take long before he spots someone about to break a few laws.

Source: Youtube

Cyclist to the rescue

Source: Youtube

Mikey gets on the move and moves to the middle of the lane, standing in the way of this entitled driver. Of course, when you are breaking the law, the faster you do it, the fewer chances to get in trouble you get. So it is understandable that Mikey obstructing his way to a fast commute doesn’t make him one bit happy.

Source: Youtube

For some reason, the driver refuses to accept defeat and drive back. Instead, he shouts, insults and almost runs over Mikey to make him move out of the way. I got to admit, the cyclist is pretty stubborn himself, and I don’t recommend any of you doing something like this at home. You never know who is going to be behind the wheel.

cyclist mikey
Source: Youtube

The Carma is real

So after seeing this idiot harassing this cyclist for a good couple of minutes, trying to bully him out of his rightful road by pushing his vehicle on him. The police arrive, and along with it, a big bucket of karma, or should I say Carma?

Source: Youtube

The police quickly takes action.

Source: Youtube

One officer makes sure the driver gets taken off his high horse, ordering him to back out immediately. While a second officer asks Mikey if he’s all right. The driver? He got a £220($287) fine and had to pay £130($170) in damages as well, and he received 4 penalty points on his driving license (12 points will disqualify you from driving for 6 months, having to redo his driver exam after).

You can watch the whole video below!

Oh, sweet karma! This idiot sure got what he deserved. Make sure to share this clip with your friends if you also think justice was served!