Man dumps refrigerator in a ravine, so police force him to push it back up

The definition of karma is that what goes around, comes around.

A man in Spain recently became a prime example of this, when authorities ordered him to get back a refrigerator he threw away in a ravine.

While reading this story, the whole time I kept thinking, how stupid can someone be?

The Spanish police force “Guardia Civil” tracked down the culprit after his friend posted a video online joking about recycling while dumping the refrigerator in the ravine.

Stupidity without boundaries

But the stupidity doesn’t end there. The man and his buddy behind the camera didn’t think much of the fact that you can clearly see the car’s license plate on the video they posted online.

How DUMB can you be?

It wasn’t difficult for the local police to track down the man in the video.

It turned out that he worked for a company that sells home appliances, and it didn’t have a contract with a licensed third party to dispose of old units.

So now, both the man and the company are under investigation. So not only he got a huge fine, but he lost his job as well.

Don’t be stupid, stupid!

Now, La Guardia Civil has published a video showing how the two men who dumped the refrigerator are struggling to get it back from the bottom of the ravine again.

After tracking down these two idiots, the authorities decided that they should clean up their own mess.

two idiots dump refrigerator

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