Idiot tries to rob young, innocent woman – but falls in brutal arm lock instead

For every person on this planet, outside a few exceptions, everyone learns the same basic rules. Be kind, say thank you, respect others and never take things that are not yours. Simple stuff, honestly, a basic guideline everyone must follow.

However, we wouldn’t be talking about it if everyone just followed the rules normally. There are always people looking for shortcuts in life, and theft is one of the most appealing shortcuts there is. You just take things that belong to others and hope no one catches you.

It’s happened to most of us, your phone, wallet, or bike is gone. Of course, it ruins your day, but most of the time you just place it on bad luck and move on, wishing that the person in question gets back all that bad karma they’re putting out.

That’s why it’s so nice to see when a thief gets exactly what they deserve – sweet justice!

In today’s story, a video of a theft gone wrong in Brazil has been spreading around the web like wildfire. It shows an 18-year-old thief who – in the middle of the day – tries to rob 22-year-old Sabrina Leites. However, that proved to be a really stupid idea.

Can’t rob this

Sabrina practices the martial art jiu-jitsu, and when the thief attempted to rob her, Sabrina stood up for herself. Without any problem, she threw the criminal on the ground and held him in place with an arm lock.

rob takedown
Image source: Youtube

This “tough” thief turned into a defeated man-child, and whenever he tried to get away Sabrina would squeeze a little harder, making this grown man cry in pain.

“I saw nothing, so I reacted”

Sabrina then asked passersby to contact the authorities, and 20 minutes of humiliation later, the police arrived to arrest the thief.

“He demanded my phone, but I saw that he had nothing to hurt me with, so I reacted. When you have the technique you know how to act in a situation of immobilization,” said Sabrina, according to the site 9gag.

rob arm lock
Image source: Youtube

One of the witnesses recorded the whole thing, and now hundreds of thousands have seen the clip, praising Sabrina for her heroism.

See the entire clip below!

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