Joey gets sent home from work, only to return 3 hours later and show manager his ”creative” solution

When you work, it is essential to do your best, regardless of your profession. In addition, you want to perform in front of your boss and coworkers, so they can rely on you and enjoy a pleasant work environment.

One of the most important parts of a job is first impressions. Looking your best will significantly influence your office’s opinion of you. However, during the scorching days of summer, it’s next to impossible to do your job while wearing a full suit and tie.

Employers perceive garments with long sleeves and legs as more professional. However, banning certain clothing items can bring problems to the work environment.

That’s when you need to get creative. Like the Englishman Joey Barge, who proved some time ago that a tight dress code is no match for a cheeky mind.

In the middle of the summer a few years ago, Joey’s boss was pretty strict about the dress code—however, Joey ended up having the last laugh.

He was sent home by the manager

Joey then felt that the company’s dress code was too much during the blazing heat and wore a pair of regular shorts to work.

“If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?” he wrote on social media while driving to the office.

Image source: Twitter

However, getting around the dress code was not that easy. Just half an hour later, Joey reported that he had been sent home by his boss—to change.

Joey knew that the dress code at work was strict, but not to the point that he would have to go back home to change into his warmer suit instead.

Then, however, this clever youngster had a real stroke of genius.

He put on a dress

Since the women at work could wear bare-legged clothing, Joey sped off towards his mother’s house. Once there, he rummaged through her closet to find something that would suit him.

Image source: Twitter

An hour or so later, he returned to work—wearing a dress.

Image source: Twitter

There was a silent cheering in the office when Joey appeared in his new garment. The boss knew he had been bested.

In an email to all employees later that day, the company’s management wrote that men—during the heatwave, were allowed to wear three-quarter length shorts.

A huge win for Joey! After his ingenious dress solution, he and his colleagues could finally go to work in more comfortable clothes.

I think it was a brilliant idea!

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