Man gropes young waitress’ butt, but soon gets exactly what he deserves

No one, no matter what, should suffer from sexual assault. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you wear; you should always feel safe.

But despite that, there are always idiots who can’t respect others and put their hands in places they don’t belong.

However, it is hugely gratifying to see when the victim puts their foot down and show that harassment will not be without consequences.

Sexually harassing another person is a crime, and shows a complete lack of respect towards fellow human beings.

Groped Emelia’s butt

Therefore, we must face the consequences of our actions, which the idiot in the next video learned the hard way.

The whole thing took place in a pizza restaurant while waitress Emelia Holden was using the register.

Suddenly, a man stepped into the video, seemingly just passing by, but at the last moment, he groped Emelia’s butt.

Man groped waitress
Image source: Youtube

Karma strikes

This terrible person probably didn’t think there would be any consequences as he confidently attacked Emelia.

But he was wrong; Emelia (and Karma) wasted no time. She grabbed the man by the neck and tossed him on the floor, like the piece of trash he is, where all the other restaurant guests could see.

According to one of her co-workers, this kind of thing “literally happens all the time.” at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, a small pizza joint in Savannah, Georgia. Not only did the scumbag get what he deserved, but people with similar thoughts took a good look at what happens when you sexually assault waitresses at this restaurant.

sexual assault karma
Image source: Youtube

The internet loves Emelia

Emelia’s defense to this terrible person quickly spread like wildfire on the web. Peers online, of course, celebrated her quick and rightful reaction.

“What’s done is done, he got what he deserved, and I’m just trying to live my life,” the waitress wrote on Facebook, according to  Buzzfeed News.

Here is the whole clip from the surveillance camera that captured this disgusting human being’s sexual assault.

Remember, karma strikes back!

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