Thief steals wallet from poor veteran – takes the wrong escape route and runs into an old biker gang

During the lockdown, we’ve read many reports of people breaking into cars, stores, and even homes. People who can’t differentiate between what’s theirs and what’s not, or take advantage of others during difficult times, deserve proper punishment.

I hope they either get caught by the police or get a fist full of karma right in the face. Violence is obviously not something to advocate for, but neither is sympathy for these people, in my honest opinion.

In today’s story, a pickpocket in England experienced true regret by running into a group of bikers after trying to steal the wallet of a veteran on the street.

“How did things end up like this?” This is what the would-be thief was probably thinking as he found himself stuck in a headlock under a biker’s arm. 

It was in the town of Stafford, west of England, that the now-viral event took place. A 43-year-old man, according to witnesses, was following a pensioner who was collecting donations for the Royal British Legion.

Stealing a veteran’s wallet

The veteran walked into what the thief considered a secluded street; he thought it was his chance to strike, but oh boy was he wrong. Thinking the coast was clear, he approached the innocent pensioner – and swiped his wallet.

A woman nearby saw what happened and screamed “Stop, thief!”, According to the Daily Mail.

Obviously, he didn’t go far. A few seconds later he basically ran straight into a group of bikers from the Oxleather Motorcycle Club.

“Probably wasn’t the cleverest escape plan,” witness Martin Burrows told the newspaper.

Lest HE forgets!

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The bikers immediately caught the thief and held him in a headlock until police arrived – while giving the man a proper talk about things that you should and shouldn’t do. 

A biker’s headlock

It doesn’t matter how boring any topic may sound in our everyday lives, it suddenly becomes the most important thing ever when you are hearing it from under a scary-looking biker’s armpit.

The man kept screaming assault, but the OMC members didn’t let go of him, instead, Martin Burrows pulled out his phone to have evidence in case the man tried to press charges.

After a while, the police arrested the thief.

What a wonderful story, good on the bikers to intervene and save this poor veteran! They deserve all the praise we can give! Press that SHARE button if you agree!