Payback: Young hooligans throw mud at a police car

When people refer to the famous expression “young and stupid,” they have a pretty good reason. You have a healthy body now filled with hormones, paired with zero experience of the real world. It is simply not an easy feat to hit puberty and remain sane.

During that time, it’s important to learn from your mistakes, since you will make plenty. However, to properly learn from them, sometimes you might need a little push from the outside.

Two British 16-year-olds found themselves in such a situation after throwing mud at a passing police car. Reports Metro.

It was a Sunday night when these two petty hooligans put on ski masks to throw mud at a police patrol.

The mud prank was not funny

Thankfully, the officers had no problem stopping the car to arrest the two idiots. Who got a free ride to the local police station in Peterlee, Sunderland.

But instead of making a public disturbance report and letting the law ride its course, the police chose a more direct approach to the kids’ punishment.

The police called the boys’ parents and told them what happened. The parents agreed to bring toothbrushes to the police station to get the charges dropped. All the boys had to do was use them to clean the police vehicle.

Mud cleared vehicles
Image source: Twitter

“Had to think of the consequences”

Last week, the police posted a picture of the now spotless vehicles, which was cheered online by the community.

“The consequences of throwing things at moving vehicles can be far more serious than these two realize, which I’m sure they’ve had time to consider while washing the cars.

“This is an opportunity not only for the two young offenders to take ownership of their actions but also for our officers to engage with them and steer them in a more productive direction,” Inspector Emma Kay told Metro.

The boys’ parents were happy with the decision and are grateful that the officers took the time to teach them a lesson.

These boys will probably think twice before acting stupid again – I bet they regretted the whole thing while using their toothbrushes to scrape the mud off the cars!

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