Rancher gets fooled by sneaky car dealer – 3 weeks later the salesman’s jaw will hit the floor

It’s always tricky to deal with a car dealer. They are masters of trade – and when you meet a really good one, you end up overpaying for something while thinking you got the best deal of your life.

Those of us who have bought a car at some point know how hard it can be. There are numerous brands, models, options, and upgrades to pick from. But car dealers will make sure that you feel like every single item you don’t get will be your life’s biggest regret.

That’s why I found the next story so satisfying! Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds – d’oh!

An old rancher bought a brand new truck from the local car dealer.

However, he was both surprised and annoyed when he noticed that the “approximated” price they talked about at first was nowhere near the final amount. In the end, the price was about double of than what the dealer first told the rancher.

Like most of us, the rancher was tricked by the famous “added extras and costs,” with the problem being how sneaky these hidden fees are.

rancher truck
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The rancher felt that he had been misled, but he had already invested a day and really liked the truck, so he bought it.

Three weeks later, the salesman called the rancher up to see how he liked his truck and then asked if he had any cows for sale? The rancher got a twinkle in his eye. It was payback time. He replied with a grin on his face: “Sure, I have some cows for sale. Come take a look at them later this week.”

The Rancher’s Revenge

The car dealer arrived at the ranch hoping to finally get his own cows and start his own farm. When he asked the price while admiring the beautiful cows, the rancher said, “a normal, or basic cow, as you might call them, sells for around $1,000.”

car dealer cows
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They went around the farm to examine the cows. The car dealer ended up taking the entire day to decide which cows he wanted. Finally, excited about his new project, he said: “I’ll take the 10 we talked about!”

The rancher’s face lighted up. He answered: That’s great, just sit there for a second, and my wife will print you a bill for the cows! She’s been working hard at it since she found out you were coming today!

When the dealer saw the bill, his jaw almost hit the floor. “This is much more than what we had talked about before!” He said.

The rancher looked at his wife, then back at the salesman and said, “well, you see, that was for the basic cows. These cows come with considerable extras!”

“Here is the costs list, in case you are wondering. As I said, my wife has been working hard at it.”

Options for the car dealer

Basic cow$999
Extra-large capacity stomach$179
Dual-tone exterior$42
Heavy-duty forage choppers$89
Four spigot/high-output milk system$159
Automatic fly-swatter$88
Automatic fertilizer attachment$139
4 x 4 traction drive assembly$184
Ranch brand leather-work$69
Shipping and handling$85
Ownership Transfer fee$100
Total Price (Including options)$2,133

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