Revenge: Mean girl bullies heavy guy – But he strikes back

Being mean to another person speaks volumes about yourself. There is never a good reason to start an interaction with abuse, insults, or anything unpleasant.

You never know what the other person has been through. It is surprisingly easy to hurt others with mean comments about their appearance or choice of clothes. People who do this have unresolved mental issues and kick others while they’re down to feel better about themselves.

Sometimes, however, these bullies get a taste of their own medicine. Which never fails to put a smile on my facesuch was the case with our story today.

According to Bored Panda, a man got a match on Tinder with a girl named Becca.

“You’re very fat”

But even before the man had a chance to say hello, the girl overwhelmed him with mean comments.

bullies are idiots 01

She bullies him non-stop.

On and on.

bullies are idiots 03

But instead of just unmatching the girl and moving on, the man chose to fight back—with the perfect punchline.

“I’m not really into…”

At first, the man played it safe with Becca and pretended to be surprised by her comments.

He then threw in a surprising left hook on his last line.

bullies are idiots 05

“But I promise I won’t kill myself. Thank all the opinions/facts about me. I’ll try to work on it. I’m not really into cunts anyway,” he coldly replied.

The man’s response startled the bully, who wasn’t allowed to say her piece, as he blocked her right after.

The internet loved it

The conversation pictures eventually made their way into social media, where everyone praised the man’s fantastic comeback.

At the same time, they showed disgust at how evil people can be.

“Everyone can lose weight, but there is no cure for being an asshole,” wrote one user.

“She must be pretty light, considering that she doesn’t have a soul,” said another.

“What a disgusting person,” commented a third.

What a great way to deal with a bully. That girl’s whole abuse-to-be-happy parade got rained over! She will probably have a hard time letting go of this one! Now press that SHARE button below so we can stand up to bullies together!