Revenge: Wild activists protest illegally on farmer’s home

Our planet is in danger, that much has been clear for years now. But world leaders and corporations downplay the urgency of the situation to the point where it’s become quite stupid. And as a result, many people have decided to take matters into their own hands.

The claims that our environment is quickly degrading are no joke. While some people believe that they are exaggerated, it’s not really something you want to take any chances on. We need to take better care of our climate, and the best way to start is to inform ourselves.

People who take this very seriously and actively try to better our world have all my respect. And it is probably good that people who don’t care or do nothing about it are reminded of their complicity on a regular basis.

At the same time, to fight for something, we must arm ourselves with the truth and act respecting others, even if we think it’s for a good cause. Fighting fire with fire will only fan the flames of anger. If we strive to change this world, we must first change ourselves.

However, some time ago, a group of environmental “activists” decided they were above the law. And so, without permission, they entered a farmer’s private property to protest against genetically modified foods. The group set up large tents and basically threw a party while trespassing on this farmer’s house.

Asked activists nicely to leave the place

After several attempts of getting them out of his land peacefully, this busy farmer had enough of their shenanigans.

The man decided it was time to resort to a more direct approach to show them what he thought of their illegal protest.

activists piss farmer
Image: Youtube

The farmer hooked a huge latrine tank behind his tractor, went to the area where the protesters set up camp, and sprayed down almost the entire location with poop.

In the end, the activists had no choice but to leave the place.

The man basically hit two birds with one stone. He got rid of his unwelcomed guests while fertilizing the soil from his farm.

His smelly revenge went viral

So he was able to use his waste to make his land better, and take out another type of “waste.”

farmer strikes back
Image: Youtube

His clever, cheeky, and smelly revenge spread like wildfire online. Most people think that the farmer did the right thing, which clearly showed what he thought about the demonstrators’ actions. Still, others believe that he could have handled it more peacefully.

See the farmer’s hilarious counterattack below.

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