Men hide in the bathroom for hours to get out of doing chores

Being able to be by ourselves from time to time is vital to our survival. There’s no way we can recharge batteries without some peace and quiet. Of course, time alone is not always easy to find for women and men.

For parents of small children, this becomes very obvious, as the little devils require attention all the time. 10 minutes alone become a luxury, something that only happens on rare occasions.

However, there are several ways to force that bit of time alone, and according to a new study – men’s solution is to escape to the bathroom, reports Ladbible.

Adult life is filled with chores and responsibilities. We are in charge of shopping, picking up the children, cooking, cleaning, working, and we’re also expected to do all that with a smile on our face.

So it is vital to get some time to rest, alone, which is easier said than done. Men, however, seem to have found their refuge – the bathroom.

Men hide in the bathroom 7 hours a year

According to a study in which 1,000 men participated, it turned out that men hide an average of seven hours a year in the bathroom.

The main reasons for fleeing behind the bathroom door were harassment from a partner, troublesome children, and avoiding household chores.

Men hide from chores

“The toilet is the home’s sanctuary”

“The toilet is very much a sanctuary, somewhere we can cut ourselves off from the outside world, albeit just temporarily. As the results suggest, peace and quiet are sacred, and clearly, men take the opportunity to get this where they can – often in the bathroom.” Said the lead researchers.

Recharging batteries in the toilet, however, seems to be very important for men.

According to the study, as many as 25% of the men from the survey don’t know how they would manage without their bathroom visits.

Men hiding

Although the study may not apply to all men, I now understand where my husband goes during cleaning time!

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