26-year-old wants to spend a fortune to become a human sex doll

Nowadays, people constantly feel entitled to tell others how to live. Their opinion about everything, from jobs or political inclination—to how people dress and look, seems to be the rule of law, without space for debate.

Quickly judging a person you’ve seen for only a few seconds is beyond incredibly stupid. Sadly, it happens all the time in our society.

People who stand out are at a greater risk of being victims of online hatred, which makes it even harder to dare to be unique right now.

Anastasia Crimson, 26, is one of these people. She dreams of looking like a living sex doll, and has spent thousands of Euros changing her appearance.

Here at The Laugh Club, we don’t just write about things that will make our readers laugh. We also follow the lives of those who dare to live uniquely. We believe everyone should be able to live however they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone in the process.

During her teenage years, Anastasia Crimson was an introvert and kept to herself. She often dressed in dark clothes and did her best not to stand out. But the older she got, the more she felt like something was missing.

“I needed something more interesting”

Finally, the 26-year-old from Kyiv, Ukraine, realized that she needed to drastically change her appearance to become happier.

“I realize now I was very unhappy when I was younger, and it’s easy to see that in my old photos. When I was a teenager, I was sad and shy with no confidence. I always had the feeling something was missing and that I needed something cooler, more interesting for myself,” Anastasia told the Daily Star.

But Anastasia came from a low-income family, so it was not easy to begin her long-awaited transformation.

“Always loved porn”

But when her grandmother passed away, she left behind many valuable pieces of gold jewelry that Anastasia inherited. At the same time, Anastasia started to earn good money working in the IT industry as a UX designer, which allowed her to move out and start changing her appearance.

“I really love porn, and one day I understood that I want to look like my own sexual fantasy—Porn actresses with fit bodies, long blonde hair, and big plastic boobs, lips, and ass,” Anastasia said to the Daily Star.

In total, Anastasia has spent around $5,000 on her body. The procedures include lip and cheekbones filler, alongside botox injections in her forehead, chin, and jaw.

But Anastasia isn’t finished yet. Her goals include breast and butt implants, a Brazilian butt lift, and outer labia implants.

All these procedures will help her achieve the “bimbo with extreme curves” look she is after.

“They appreciate me being a sex doll”

Today, Anastasia makes plenty of money with her looks, even though she gets a lot of hate online due to her wishes of becoming a living sex doll.

“All my life, even before I was a bimbo, I got a lot of negativity from other people on the internet. Now, I just do what I like and don’t care about the opinions of people that are nobody to me.

“On the internet, people appreciate my choice to look like a sex doll, and I like that they are getting sexual pleasure from my photos. I feel confident and powerful, and I get a lot of attention,” Anastasia told the Daily Star.

No matter what you think of Anastasia’s appearance, you have to respect her life commitment to finding her happiness.

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