Sex Life: Amy, 23, has multiple orgasms – all the time

The thing about sex drive is that it varies significantly from person to person and depends on many things.

Some settle for one round between the sheets, while others can’t seem to leave the bedroom at all.

Of course, it is up to every individual (and their partners) how much sex they have. However, for 23-year-old Amy Mathews from Oxford, England, that’s not the case. Instead, her sex drive has become a problem – since she can’t control it.

It can be challenging to have an orgasm during sex as a woman. It requires a lot of concentration, the right mood, and plenty of assistance from your partner. But for Amy, it’s the opposite; she can’t stop “coming.”

Finished 18 times: “I can pass out”

Amy’s unusual traits came to light when Amy was 18 years old and met her first boyfriend. Together with him, Amy learned to enjoy sex and how to orgasm during it.

“They first occurred via vaginal penetration and stimulating my clitoral area. When we had sex, I was having a minimum of five,” Amy told The Sun.

Today, Amy says she is addicted to orgasms. She managed to have as many as 18 orgasms with another boyfriend during the same session.

Amy usually gets at least nine orgasms per intercourse.

“If I’m in bed with someone, I can pass out from having so many that are just too intense,” Amy tells The Sun.

Can get cramps from all the orgasms

Amy gets excited very quickly and can do it almost anywhere. This means that Amy has had orgasms while shopping with her friends and at family dinners.

“It can be awkward when I have one around my family. My Mum knows and is very supportive, taking the view that I’m lucky, whereas Dad has no idea,” Amy said.

Orgasms have sometimes hurt Amy’s abs from constant contractions in her “tummy and pelvic area.”

Doesn’t know how many partners

Today, Amy is single. After having three boyfriends over the years, she has realized that she thrives best as a single because of her massive sexual appetite. Since then, she has lost count of her sexual partners.

However, this has become a problem during corona since meeting new people is more complicated. But Amy has a casual boyfriend that she sometimes meets, as she can’t go without sex for more than a few days.

“When guys know about my ability to orgasm easily, and it doesn’t happen, or I don’t go into double figures, they worry there is something wrong with their performance,” Amy said.

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