50-year-old with the world’s largest penis – takes the internet by storm

The size of the penis has been a topic of conversation among people for hundreds of years. Some argue that size plays a vital role in sex, while others say what really matters is how you use it.

However, New Yorker Jonah Falcon has never had to wonder if his member was big enough.

Jonah’s penis is 13.5 inches in an erect state, and with that size, he claims to have the world’s largest penis.

But it’s not only butterflies and rainbows to be so well equipped.

Jonah Falcon has long been known for his huge genitals, which measure 10 inches in its flaccid state and 13.5 inches while erected.

Back in 1998, a documentary was made about Jonah’s remarkable member.

Condoms only cover half of the largest penis

Having sex is anything but simple for Jonah. Even though he purchases the biggest condoms he can find, they only cover half of his organ.

Jonah has also never put his entire wiener inside a woman – he is simply too big.

Despite this, the world’s largest penis owner has had thousands of sex partners over the years.

“I’ve never known how many partners I had, I would say it’s in the three digits, but I don’t really think about it,” said Jonah to TLC.

largest penis
Image source: Twitter

For me, the concept of sex in itself is quite dull. I’m not one of those men who’s horny all the time. Because sex is so accessible to me, it’s not that important anymore. I may also be a little burnt out,” said Jonah in an interview.

Refuses to make porn movies

Jonah works as an actor. However, he is still waiting for his big breakthrough, despite having appeared in several well-known TV series.

Even though he receives many offers to the “other side” of entertainment (the porn industry), Jonah always refuses because he believes this would hurt his chances of making it on “the big screen.”

“Fantasizing about me since my teens”

Even though Jonah is 50 years old today, he still receives lots of sexual requests from both men and women.

“There’ve been people fantasizing about me since my teens. Some claim they turned gay because of me. They usually get in touch to ask about my penis. Some women walk around me acting like I’m a unicorn, but I am too old for games, and I quickly turn them away. If I think they are cute, however, I’m game,” Jonah said.

Here you can see a video about Jonah.

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