Here is the legendary Prickmobile – balls are included

Most people have a dream car in mind. Of course, it’s usually speed and looks for car enthusiasts, but others dream with the perfect tool that’ll make their life much better, or will just make them the center of attention. A car that when you drive it around, people will think, “wow, imagine driving that every day!”

Even if dream cars usually remain as just that, a dream. Especially if they are luxurious and super expensive sports cars. But not all dream cars are super elegant; some are just unique in their own way.

If you want a car that is guaranteed to attract attention, you can always take and look at this dangling car from 1969 (nice) – the Prickmobile.

Youngsters often joke about fancy sports cars giving them an erection or make fun of others for buying massive trucks, implying they are trying to compensate for their “shortcomings.”

But few other cars in the world can claim to use those expressions in such a literal manner as the one in today’s story.

Meet the Prickmobile

The car, which is indeed one of its kind, was built by a Los Angeles resident called Steve Paige back in 1969.

Steve thought all the cars back then looked exactly the same. So he decided to create this classic as an art project.


Featured in album covers

The car has received a lot of attention over the years. It has even been featured on the cover of the album For Ladies Only by Steppenwolf.

car in album cover

The car seats are in the scrotum

Regardless of your perspective, it is impossible to see this car as anything other than male genitalia.

The car is also cleverly built, which means that the rear, which holds seats for two, of course, consists of the scrotum.

prickmobile seats

Driven only 500 miles

Although the vehicle was built as an art project, it is fully functional and can drive very well.

But since Steve was very concerned about his art project, the car has only been driven around 500 miles.

Imagine gliding around town in this awesome Prickmobile!

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