You can now get a 50-year-old “DickMobile” – balls and shaft are included!

Everyone has a dream car – although it differs from person to person. Some people dream of a super fast, bright red sports car that goes from 0 to 60mph in under five seconds.

Others may dream of a luxurious, heavy-duty car with leather seats and a champagne compartment between the seats.

However, there are those who dream of a completely unconventional car, and here is the chance to have your own!

It’s an antique from 1969 – a state-of-the-art DickMobile!

Steve Paige, the creator of the DickMobile, built it in 1969. After seeing how all car manufacturers copied the same design – he decided to do the complete opposite.

A 50-year-old DickMobile

The DickMobile, of course, was the rage when it came out and has been in the spotlight for 50 years. This classic has caught everyone’s attention and has even been on the album cover “For ladies only”, made by the Canadian-American rock band Steppenwolf.

Two testicles – two seats

You can’t miss what the car represents, no matter the angle you look at it from.

The car has two seats, which are, of course, shaped like a scrotum.

DickMobile 2

Retired after 500 miles

As said, Steve Paige built the car to express himself artistically, but that doesn’t mean the car doesn’t run well, it’s actually an excellent sample of mechanical engineering that runs surprisingly smoothly, for being a 50-year-old penis on wheels. According to the site Carscoops.

But to maintain his art-piece in mint condition, he retired the car just after driving it 500 miles.

DickMobile 1

Would you like to take this amazing car for a spin?


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