Something is wrong with this family photo – wait till you see the scary detail

Sometimes things are not what they seem.

Images can be deceitful. What looks like a normal photo may contain a small detail that makes the picture hilarious or sometimes even a bit scary.

Spooky pictures have fascinated humanity for as long as photography has existed. From “ghosts” making their way into a photo, to creepy reflections in mirrors and windows, the paranormal feeling surrounding these images is a magnet for human curiosity.

Maybe that’s why any new spooky image that gets shared online goes viral within days.

A perfect example of this is the picture below, which has become quite famous over the years. At first, it looks like a standard family photo. We can see a mom, dad, and their kids sitting on a sofa looking at the camera – however, something in this picture is not quite right.

A strange detail that changes everything

Even if everything looks normal, something is wrong. However, it is difficult to perceive at first glance – but that is the whole point.

Personally, I had to take a long look before I saw it – but once I set my eyes onto the strange detail, I couldn’t keep myself from laughing.

Check the image out and see if you find it – the small detail will give you goosebumps. Here is the picture.

Can you see what’s wrong with this family picture?

family photo
Image: TwentyTwoWords

Were you able to find the strange detail in the picture?

If the answer is yes, that means you are quite sharp.

If you don’t, worry not, most people can’t notice the disturbing detail by themselves.

If you did, great job! Then you seem to have an excellent eye for detail!

Otherwise, we’ll show you the answer after the picture below.


Look inside the red ring. There it is! A seventh person is hiding in this family photo.


The family probably knows

We have to assume that the family is fully aware of this. Otherwise, it’s time to move to another home!

They were probably just joking around, but it remains unclear precisely who this person is. However, we know they probably wanted to get up as soon as the picture was taken – after being under the weight of 6 people.

Challenge your friends

This slightly funny detail made the photo spread like wildfire online – which is not strange.

Now challenge your friends by pressing that SHARE button below, and see if they can find the seventh person in this family photo as fast as you did!