“Sometimes it tastes like Champagne” – 53-year-old mom is addicted to her own pee

Nowadays, trying new methods to improve your health is pretty popular. It can be anything, from removing a specific food from your diet to joining some alternative yoga school or even diving into meditation.

Some of these methods, intended to make you healthier, sometimes feel a bit forced, and you wonder if they are actually working.

The question is now whether a 53-year-old woman from Colorado has taken things to a whole new level. According to herself, she uses her urine daily to grow healthier.

“Sometimes it’s salty, sometimes it tastes like champagne,” says Carrie, according to The Sun.

Most of us, if not all, would probably shudder at the thought of drinking pee. But for Carrie, 53, it is an everyday occurrence.

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Easier than drinking water

Four years ago, Carrie was diagnosed with skin cancer. But instead of traditional medication, Carrie tried a more alternative solution: drinking her own urine.

Since then, things have escalated for her. Today, Carrie uses her urine to wash her hair, brush her teeth, and rinse her nose and eyes—among other things.

her own pee
Image source: Youtube

Carrie drinks about five glasses of her urine daily and says her pee goes down easier than a glass of water.

“I like warm pee. It’s comforting. My urine does smell depending on what I eat, today it tastes somewhat different than it did four years ago. Sometimes it’s salty, sometimes it tastes like champagne,” says Carrie in a clip from the TV channel TLC where she appears talking about her strange addiction.

Can’t stop

However, Carrie’s daughter, Cassie, is more than skeptical about her mother’s new health regimen. She wants her to seek traditional help instead of self-medicating urine.

alternative methods
Image source: Youtube

But Carrie refuses, claiming that she will only rely on her own pee from now on and that she has lost faith in conventional medicine.

“From everything I’ve read, if I quit I’ll die,” says Carrie in the segment.

Here you can see the entire clip.

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