The new “beauty trend” for 2020 – to decorate your nails with tiny hands and feet

Trends, it feels like they rule today’s world. They come and go faster than you can blink. In the past, it felt that trends persisted for a good few years before being completely replaced by new ones. 

Now, however, you don’t really know what is trendy anymore because it changes so often. We’ve reached a point of acceleration in fashion and decoration where new styles and color combinations just cycle continuously. Hell, watching a fashion show makes you feel like you are watching a sci-fi movie. Truly impossible to keep up with it.

A trend I’m sure is one of those with a very short life spawn is this new fashion statement – which comprises attaching small hands and feet to your nails, reports Diply.

A new trend has reached the online doors of virality, and it’s not a simple color or pattern for the upcoming 2020 spring. This is one of those that will make you scratch your head for a while when you see the photos. Until you understand what you are looking at.

Hands and feet nails trend

Instead, the trend is to decorate your nails, with small hands and feet. A hands-and-feet-ception if you will.

new trend
Image source: Instagram

This is how it looks.

nails trend
Image source: Instagram

Yes, it takes a long time

Getting these very detailed nails is not easy, the process requires a lot of work and precision. On the web, there are clips where you can see how it’s done.

Here’s how they do the feet nails.

Here’s how they do the hands nails.

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