This 18-year-old woman ate her own horse, causing madness and outrage on social media

If you have had a dog – or any pet really – then you know how close you can become. Animal’s love is unconditional and pure, they will never betray you or abandon you.

It’s like having an extra family member—Someone to play, fight, and cry with, a truly faithful companion.

When the horse Drifting Speed ​​was killed in 2018, 18-year-old Pia Olden, from Norway, chose not to bury her best friend. Instead, she ate it, reports the Norwegian news site Dagbladet (Site originally in Norwegian, so keep in mind Google Translate’s grammar discrepancies).

Not many of us would choose to eat our pets if we had the option. But for 18-year-old Pia Olden, it felt natural since she was raised on a farm and is studying to become a chef.

Ate her own horse

It was 2018 that her beloved horse, Drifting Speed ​​fell ill and had to be killed. But instead of burying the horse, Pia chose something completely different.

“This is my way of honoring her. This is clearly much better than burying her in the ground,” Pia told Dagbladet.

A Social-Media outrage

Pia posted a picture of the event on Facebook, explaining why she ate her horse, which caused an internet outrage. Especially in Norway, where there is a huge culture around keeping horses and considering them a part of your family.

Ate her own horse
Image source: Facebook

“We enjoyed a wonderful evening and produced the finest cuisine we could offer: Horse fillets from my loved Drifting Speed, ​​which we unfortunately had to slaughter in 2018. It was tender and tasty! I understand it is a bit strange to eat your own horse, but the chef’s heart in me said I had to. If I’m gonna eat horse meat, I thought to myself, then it must be from my own. So after she got slaughtered, we got the meat sent back to us. I was with her all the way to the end and knew that she lived a good life, free from chemicals and other oddities. We ate the meat without a bad conscience. Don’t get me wrong, I really loved my horse, even if I ended up eating her,” Pia wrote on Facebook.

“Do I deserve to be killed?”

Pia, who grew up on a farm, feels that she may have a different relationship with animals and meat than those who criticize her online.

“Someone said that I deserve to be slaughtered like Drifting Speed. Others wrote that I should never have an animal again. Most reactions came from other horse owners, who saw it as eating up a family member. But horse meat is a delicacy, and if she was to die anyway, I thought it was better to not waste the meat,” Pia told Dagbladet.

What do you think – did Pia do the right thing?

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