This 39-year-old wants to look like a skull – is addicted to tattoos and had his ears removed through surgery

Your looks are entirely up to you, as long as you don’t harm or offend others, and you are old enough, you can do whatever you want with your face, ears, and body.

Your appearance is often a reflection of who you are as a person, which, of course, makes it a part of your personality.

Some people go to the extreme to showcase their uniqueness, like the 39-year-old German, Sandro, in today’s story.

His dream is to look like a skull, reports The Mirror.

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Implants in his forehead and arms

Sandro lives in Finsterwalde, Germany, and is very enthusiastic about tattoos and body modification, a passion that began 13 years ago.

Sandro has undergone 17 procedures, including several implants in his forehead, arms, and hands, as well as splitting his tongue – and removing his ears.

All of this is to look as similar as possible to a skull, which helped him earn the online nickname of Mr. Skull Face.

In total, Sandro has spent approximately $8,000 on changing its appearance.

Keeps his ears in a jar

His biggest and most noticeable operation was when he had his ears removed back in 2019.

He keeps them in a jar at home.

Sandro’s extreme appearance gets a lot of looks when he walks around the city.

“If people stare, I really don’t care. If someone says something like ‘you are a sick old man,’ I will answer ‘thank you for the compliment.’ It has strengthened my self-confidence above all,” said Sandro.

The nose is next

Despite Sandro undergoing so many procedures, he wants to continue.

Next, he wants to have surgery to remove his nose and tattoo the whites of his eyes.

Sandro is still single today and has not been able to get a job due to his unique appearance.

“My appearance has had a huge impact on my chances of getting a job because a lot of companies are still very conservative and prefer to go with the flow. 

“I think that it has, of course, had an effect on me finding a relationship, as it scares most people off, but of course, many people also find it very interesting,” He said.

Sandro also warns others who are considering modifying their body.

“If you’re a beginner, do long and thorough research, think carefully about everything, and take your time.

“Above all, never do something just because you want to be more blatant or cool with it; it has to come from the heart and be for yourself.”

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