Do you go mad when people chew loudly? Then you might have a disorder

Do you go mad when people chew loudly? Then you might have a disorder

Do you cringe when you hear someone next to you slamming shut a door? Or do you go crazy when the person next to you on the plane is breathing out loud? Then you may as well be suffering from the disorder known as misophonia, writes the BBC.

Misophonia is a diagnosis that translates as “the hatred of sound,” meaning that those who have misophonia feel different levels of discomfort depending on the trigger sounds, which also vary from person to person.

Can’t control their emotions

The triggers for this disorder can be anything, from someone chewing with their mouth open to the sound of a branch hitting the window. These noises can evoke irritation, anxiety, or even panic in a person with misophonia.

Misophonia, also called Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, shoots adrenaline to those suffering from it after hearing a specific sound, triggering a sort of fight or flight response.

It is very difficult to stop these feelings of discomfort, in some extreme cases, it can lead to avoiding social contexts altogether to avoid the risks.

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Misophonia is quite common

The BBC claims that, according to a study, almost 20% of the population has misophonia. Where does the misophonia come from, then?

People with misophonia have a part of their brain being overactive, this sector is the one connecting their senses and emotions, making them overly sensitive to certain sounds. To the point where even imagining the sound can trigger the response. Some people even cut all communication with their families to avoid revisiting past traumas or stop thinking about possible scenarios.

It is not entirely clear if there is a cure for misophonia. But cognitive behavioral therapy has successfully lessened it in some cases.

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