Having dark humor might be a sign of high intelligence, according to study

“People who laugh more live longer. So laugh,” is one of the oldest phrases out there.

Of course, having a healthy diet and exercising is vital if you want to live longer. But laughing is not only just as good for your health, it feels great. It can turn a bad day into a great one in a matter of seconds – something eating grass and having sore legs can’t provide.

At least that’s my honest opinion. There is also research that shows that people who laugh a lot – especially for things that “we should not joke about” – are smarter than others, Powerful Mind reports.

Are you, like me, a person who has a hard time containing your laugh when you hear an unexpected joke with some dark humor mix in the punchline? Is a little bit of “taboo” what tickles your funny bone?

Unpleasant and delicate topics

Congratulations are in place then – preferring dark jokes over innocent ones is a sign of high intelligence. Dark humor means: “A form of humor involving a twist or ending making the joke seen as offensive, harsh, horrid. Yet the joke is still funny,” according to Urban Dictionary.

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In an Austrian study involving 156 people, researchers presented various pictures and jokes containing “dark humor” to the participants. Subsequently, an intelligence test followed.

The study arranged the participants in 3 different groups.

The first comprised people who thought dark humor was kind-of-funny – and their result on the intelligence test was average.


The second group consisted of people who didn’t find dark humor funny – and their intelligence score was at the lower-level.

Do you like dark humor? Congratulations!

The third group consisted of people who thought dark humor was hilarious – and these participants also turned out to have the highest average score on the intelligence test. They also seemed to have a higher education.

dark humor

According to the researchers behind the study, we can assume that smarter people appreciate darker humor more because they simply understand the context a little faster.

It’s about how the brain can process and consider something funny from an unexpected situation that we wouldn’t normally perceive as humorous. Our level of intelligence – directly affects our speed of understanding.

So do you love jokes? Even if there is a bit of dark humor involved? Congratulations then – a clear sign that you are a smart individual!

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