Men don't grow up until they turn 40, according to science

Men don’t grow up until they turn 40, according to science

You probably often hear how men behave like children, even in their older years. Or how it is always the woman who stands for maturity and responsibility in the house.

Recently, we wrote about research that reveals what women really think about men. But now, another study has found important data about men’s maturity.

In a study from the University of Oxford, researchers observed the differences in maturity and development between men and women.

They then compared the results to understand the differences in long-term behavior.


Their conclusion showed that brain maturity depends on the development of functional and structural networks, which continue even as adults.

Men show a delay in long-term development

The study sought to discover which functions change during the maturation process, as well as which remain constant. The brains of 121 participants aged 4 to 40 underwent a type of 3D scanning, also known as DTI.

The researchers also followed changes in the different functions while focusing on the participants’ gender and age.


The conclusion:

The brains of both women and men eventually develop the same ability to function in everyday life. However, men often show a delay in the long-term development of functional networks compared to women.

It can continue up to 40 years of age.


Women, however, show an earlier maturity in these functional networks, probably why some say that men mature much later than women.

Eduardo Calixto, a professor from the Mexican university UNAM, explained in an article that although males generally have larger brains, females are often more efficient.

The female brain has better memory, connections, and overall speed. According to the researcher, this is due to hormonal differences between both sexes.

The fact that men remain childish a bit longer than women is obvious. However, it’s still nice to have a scientific explanation!

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