Second-born children are really little devils, science confirms

The personalities of the members of a family can vary greatly. Usually, one parent is the responsible one, while the other is the laid back one, one kid is nice and kind – and one is a little devil!

The mischievous kid in the family is probably hard to deal with and requires a lot of attention. When attention is not given, both siblings and parents suffer the consequences of his pranks.

Of course, you can’t know how your children are gonna be, but if you have more children, it is not uncommon for one child to be calm and easygoing while the other is a little rebel that pushes everyone’s limits.

The second-born child is the worst

A new study has discovered that the second-born child is up 40% more likely to be the family’s little devil.

Researchers conducted the study at the Massachusets Institute of Technology. The results showed that the second-born child exhibited behavior such as pranking, harming, and testing the limits of the parents and their siblings.

second-born child

Stronger bond with the parents

The researchers found that the first-born child often has a stronger bond with the parents. Partly because it is the parents’ first child and partly because the older child has had more time to spend alone with the parents.

The second-born child, therefore, feels more need for attention and will stop at nothing to get it.

second-born child
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Of course, you should always take this type of study with a pinch of salt. However, it makes a lot of sense!

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