Serial masturbators have higher chances of becoming a boss – says new study

Most adults masturbate from time to time, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

Of course, it’s not wrong to please yourself from time to time. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. An orgasm, whether it takes place when we are on our own or in the company of someone else, makes the body relax and is vital to keep a healthy life.

But that one’s self-pleasure could actually be a career opportunity, probably few of us had thought of. However, a recent study seems to claim just that.

According to new research, people who masturbate often have much greater chances of becoming a boss than those who don’t, reports The Mirror.

Performs significantly better at work

How often you masturbate is not something you just talk about with others. We all know everyone does it, but it still is a private matter.

However, the fact is that you can now guess who likes to “have fun” more often. Because they probably hold a higher position within the company, says a new study.

The survey was conducted by the advertising agency, where 1,012 people answered questions about their masturbation habits and their job situation.

The results showed those who masturbate more than once a week perform better at work than those who don’t masturbate often.

serial masturbators are bosses
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Serial masturbators make more money

Those who masturbate a lot also often have higher positions in the workplace.

These participants were more likely to be employed, more likely to hold management positions, and more likely to earn higher salaries,” the company writes in the study.

These serial masturbators earn an average of $47,076. Around $3,000 more compared to infrequent masturbators.

masturbate more often
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In other words, you’ll get more money if you masturbate more frequently – talk about a win-win situation!

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