A study from Sweden claims that shorter people are healthier and live longer

Being short is usually seen as a disadvantage. It’s difficult to find clothes that fit, you can’t reach for things on high shelves. Worst of all, you get teased often by your friends just because they are a bit taller than you.

However, he who laughs last, laughs best, as the saying goes. According to a study in Sweden, shorter people are less likely to suffer from blood clots, reports the American Heart Association.

Is your height below average? No problem, you’re likely to live longer than your taller friends, according to a Swedish study conducted by researcher Bengt Zöller at Lund University and Malmö University Hospital.

Lower risk of stroke

The study examined government health records of nearly 3 million people. And showed that people with longer legs, which means longer blood vessels, had an increased risk for health problems such as blood clots. Gravity also causes blood to flow at a slower rate for taller individuals, and both things combined can have severe consequences.

“When blood is sitting still, it likes to clot,” Bengt Zöller said.

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Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Shorter people live longer

Women with a height of 5’1″ have a 3% risk of blood clots, while women over 6 feet have double the risk, namely 6%.

Japan is the country where people live farthest in the world and the average height of women is 5’2″. Also, in other studies, researchers observed that those who live until the age of 100, on average, are ten centimeters shorter than those who “only” make it to their 75th birthday.

Happy days for all the shorties around the world!

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