Your penis size affects how much money you earn, according to new study

Does size matter? This must be one of the most asked questions in history. Every man’s “package” varies. No matter how big or small your penis size is, being a good lover depends much more on experience and knowledge.

However, the size of your penis can affect other aspects of your life, such as how much money you earn at work.

At least that is the result of a survey where almost 1,000 men participated, reports The Sun.

The site conducted the study. The website markets a variety of products, including sex toys. Onbuy asked 997 men the size of their manhoods, their careers, and how much they earn.

The bigger the penis, the lower the salary

How does it work then? Does the salary grow at the same rate as the size of one’s penis? No. It is actually the opposite, according to the results of the study.

The results showed that men with a penis size of about three inches earn 58,000 British pounds annually, corresponding to about $69,000.

Men with a larger penis, around 6 inches, earn an average of 32,500 pounds per year, equivalent to $39,000.

Below is a graph where the left bar shows the annual income and the bottom bar shows the penis size.

Image source: OnBuy

Artists are the most hung

What does the penis size look like over different occupational groups, then? The study showed that people who work as artists have the largest penises. A total of 5% percent answered that they measure 8 inches or more.

In the second place, we find men working in manual labor, where 16% have around 7 inches and four percent around 8 inches or more.

Image source: OnBuy

The study also showed that people measuring 4 inches are promoted more often, with 2.9 promotions on average among those who participated in the study.

Image source: OnBuy

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